etch pictures or designs on gold leaf


To etch pictures or designs on gold leaf, make pounce pat- tern of picture or design and place on outside of glass and pounce, then trace over pounce marks with a grease pencil, then gild in the usual manner. Avoid patching and overlap- ping as much as possible. When patching and washing is done (as in glass gilding) you will reverse the pattern and use it on inside of glass and pounce the design on the gilded sur- face. Now coat over design on outside with water color black. You will then scratch or draw the outline of your picture or design with a sharp stick through the gold, the water- color (on the outside) will show through and aid you in shading. To shade the picture (or etching as most commonly known) you will cut ofif a ^-in. bristle fitch, 34-iiich from the ferrule. This will leave the bristles stifif enough to cut through the gold leaf and do your shading (or etching). When picture or design is etched, clean the black off of outside and back up design with japan black on the inside. For backing up use lamp black (ground in japan) to which is added quick rubbing varnish and thinned to a proper work- ing consistency with turpen- tine. One coat will be sufficient and may be varnished in about two hours.

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  1. Can you please email me the code for this script or please enlighten me in detail in relation to this script?

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