Tracing patterns


Tracing patterns are done after letters are placed in posi- tion and carefully marked around with a lead pencil.

For tracing, use dressmaker’s tracing wheel, place pattern on a soft pine board, and carefully trace each letter. When fin- ished, turn over and sand paper the marks caused by tracing wheel, then pattern is ready for use.

See the letter “I^” attached to pattern sent you.


“Quick size” is used for sur- face lettering on board signs, wagon lettering, and for gold and aluminum bronze, on win- dow work. In using “quick size.” you must be very care- ful to lay on even, avoiding runs.

When dried to the desired “tack” for gilding (as explained in window si<^ms), lay gold leaf on out of book, this is called “gilding from the book.” A drop or two of boiled oil will be of great helj:) in sizing in a large job, where there is lots of readirg matter. The oil will slow it down, and give vou a chance to “size in” several let- ters before starting to gild.

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