Sign painters’ muslin


Sign painters’ muslin is pre- l^arcd and ready for use, put up in rolls, and is 24, 36 and 42 inches wide, and may be stretched on frames, or lettered, and fastened to building with- out frame, is cliea]) and makes the best looking temporary sign in the business.

Letter on finished side of muslin, which you will find to be smooth and completely filled with starch. The muslin, described herewith, is the very best made, and can be furnished by us in rolls of 60 yards each, or more, (vn receipt of order.

VARNISH (Grounds)

X’a.rnished (irounds may be used for backgrounds on any board signs for either raised or surface gold lettering. Prime and thoroughly coat, sand- l’ai>ering each coat perfectly :^mo(-th. being very careful to work out all brush marks, putty everv hole and crack. If back- ground is wanted, coat board three thin coats of dark lead (‘olor nnd. thr(H’ coats of dr<”)p l)1ack (g-ound in japan). Mix l^’a'^k ^vith ciuick rubbing var- nish, and thin wdth turjientine. \\ hen dry hair ofif each coat of black, with upholster’s cnrl’^d hair until smooth and free from little particles. L^se \erv little rublnng varnish in the b’ack. above mentioned, and a]ii)ly with camel’s hair brush ; when dry, coat over the ])lack with one coat of color \ arnish, made of quick rubbing \arnish and colored slightly with clean drop black (gnnmd in ia])an). Wdien this coat is drv and hard, hair off with rnrled hair, jioinice thoroughly


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