To make a stencil for (|u;m- titv work, always make “male” and “female.”

h^irst make “i)ounce” pattern ;ind jjerforate.

I’ounce this on i)re])ared stencil paper and cut out half of each letter. This is called the “male stencil.”

Now i)lace this stencil on an- other i)iece of stencil pai)er and make impression of same by


going over half cut letters with your dark “pounce bag.”STENCILING DOOR SIGN

Then place your “pounce” pattern or “layout” on this to get the other half of letters and cut. This is called the “female stencil.”

Cover a 2 inch paper hanger roller with heavy plush, and roll your color instead of using a stencil brush.

Use color heavy and not too much on the roller. By work- ing the roller semi-dry, you will find your letters will be per- fectly clean when finished. When done with roller and stencils, wash thoroughly in turpentine and hang stencils on a nail, which will keep them perfectly straight.

With this treatment they will last for years.

Make stencil color of lamp black, ground in oil, and add a little fat oil to make color good and stiflf.

For background stencils see “cut in” letters.

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