making Laminated office Signs

A Guide to making Laminated office Signs


Laminators are used to protect paper from becoming torn, stained and damage.  Laminating is a good way to prolonging the life of paper to use as sign, notices or point of sale signage, to ensure remain in good condition. Once you’ve purchased a laminator the only requirement is laminating pouches. Laminating pouches come in a Matt or Gloss finish. Gloss finished pouches stand out makes them suited for door signs and notices boards.

Pouches come in many sizes like a5 a4 a3 a2 size, however the maximum size you can use for sing making will be determined by the laminator you have. Corners can be rounded or square, best to use rounded corners for the sake of safety. Laminating pouches come in thicknesses which are measured in Microns Most pouches will be 150 microns to 450 microns,  A micron is used to describe thickness  a micrometre which is 1 millionth of a metre. Thicker more rigid laminating pouches are best for signs. Check your laminators’ manual as not all machines can handle the thicker pouches.

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