Towable parking signs

Towable Offenses signs

Parking on Private Property

vehicle parked on the premises not in compliance


Many apartment, and townhouse

communities, as well as some businesses require

vehicles to display a parking sticker or permit. Any

with the restrictions and/or designations, and without

permit, may be towed at the property

owner’s request. This towing is performed by private

contractors, and recovering one’s vehicle can be very

expensive and inconvenient.

Parking Signs

ANYTIME. A sign that indicates NO STANDING or NO

STOPPING means that a driver may not wait in his/her

Violation of these posted signs

will result in a ticket and possible towing.


Under no circumstances should anyone park where

there are signs indicating NO PARKING or NO PARKING

vehicle at that location

Handicapped Parking signs


of this parking restriction will result in a ticket and a fine,

as well as possible towing.

Unless you have special license plates with the

international handicap symbol or a special handicap

permit displayed, you MAY NOT park in a space

reserved for the use of handicapped persons.


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