Washing Gold guid

Washing Gold

Washing your gold (or giUl- ing) is a \ery simple process, but jiroduces a wonderful ef- fect, and no job is thoroughly (U)ne w i t h o u t “washing ;” neither can you |)roduce a per- fect guild.

The “washing” simply brings out the l)urnish on the gold that no other process will do. and vou will be surpri-ed at the wonderful elTect

After you have burnished the patches with cotton, you will “wash” entire job with boiling h( t water, flowing it on with your “size” brush, same as ap- ])lying “water size” in first gilding and patching, l)eing careful not to go over same places twice. (As water l)ein; I-. (jrdy .icnnd that wili cK-an off the gold, it being soaked u]-. on the first a])plication ot water, it must not be touched again until dry.)

When you become more fa- miliar with gilding, and know^ the exact action of the sizing, gilding and washing, you will then be able to do- the w(jrk with ease, and no guessing.

I therefore advise you to get a piece of glass the size of the jjatterns sent you. “pounce” on the ivittern. gild and patch it


Kiu. 10. I’uMiii;^ on Hie “>iiz«-” lor KiltliiiK on kIxk.s.

Up as often as necessary ; or un- til you are sure you thoroughly understand the process, which. if interested, will absorb about nne hour’s time.

W hen vou thorough’ v under- stand gilding on glass, and have the gold “patched” and thor- oughly washed, you are then ready to put the lettering on.

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