Screen signs are made to fit on inside at bottom of win- dows, and do not permit the ])eople “gazing in,” which adds privacy to the office and will not exclude the light, also al- lowing you to look out of win- dows as readily as though they were not there.

They may be lettered with any inscription, using round or flat face raised wood letters. First make frames of wood to match interior finish or fixtures in building, finish and \arnish to suit, then stretch 60 mesh bronze screen on the frame, keeping it perfectly even and tight.

Lay on raised letters (that have previously been gilded) to suit space, when satisfied with “laycjut” you are ready to fas- ten them on. Remove them from the screen and set frame up edgeways ; you will then tack cheap yardsticks on face of screen, at bottom, or base line of letters, full length of wording on each line. Then you will lav screen and frani’,’


down (face up) and place let- ters in position on top of yard- stick.

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