Most all coating in the sign shop should be flat or semi- flat. This is imi)ortant and very essential. In laying out and smalting, smalt will stick- to glossy surfaces, causing all kinds of trouble. Marking with chalk or pencil on glossy surfaces will dig into the soft glossy film and almost spoil the job. Semi-fiat coats are sel- dom used unless same is to be varnished over. All colors (ground in japan and thinned with turpentine) will dry per- fectly flat and free from gloss. White lead (ground in oil. thinned with turpentine) will also dry flat. If gloss or semi- gloss is recjuired, add rubbing varnish to the Japan colors and oil to the white lead. To draw oil out of white lead, break u]) a small keg of lead in tur])cn- tine and let stand over night. Dip off the oil and repeat as often as necessary. This can be mixed with Demar varnish or any light-colored varnish, and is mostly done in this man- ner for wagon work, when i)er- fcctly wdiite job is wanted.

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