To Stipple background on board signs in gold leaf, pro- ceed to cut in and smalt, same as in smalting board signs. To cutting in color add a trifle more japan and allow to dry longer. \\^hen dry, paint with a thin coat of flat white, using ])lenty of japan dryer. Be very careful in this coat, and do not rub out the paint, as it will loosen the smalt, making let- ters rough. And should smalt get in letters on this coating, go over each letter with yotir fingers which wall knock every particle of smalt off. \\’hen second coat is dry, thin shellac entire surface and size in “sIoav size.” W^hen readv, gild on out f>f book as in Gilding ( Surface or flat letters). Before burnish- ing, press down entire gilded surface with a piece of cotton or pbish. This will force gold in all hollow places. Lettering mav be done in black or anv dark color that w^ill look good with a gold backjrround. Do iwt fill in letters with black en- tirely, but leave % inch of flat gold around letters.

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