The most practical and use- ful laundry signs made are the Sidewalk sign, Double-faced Board sign, and Glass Hanging sign. The sidewalk sign is made of white pine boards, 12 inches wide, tongue and grooved and glued together. When dry, plane off smooth and with No. 1^ sandpaper on a block, rvib across the grain until plane marks disappear. Before planing and sanding, nail a 1×2 inch strip on top and bottom. This w\\\ keep sign from warping, prime and coat (as in priming and second coat- ing). Letter in black, dark blue, dark red or any dark color, and shade with tints (as i n oilcloth signs). T h e “Double-faced” Board sign is rsually 12 inches by 18 inches ;ind lettered on both sides, cleated on ends, coated and let- tered (as in sidewalk signs) ; are fastened ‘ to building bv means of a 1×3 inch cleat,. 18 in.ches lonsr, nailed on edge of ove end. This strip will extend 3 inches over at top and bot- tom, and can be nailed or screwed to building and sign will extend out

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