Make “Pounce Pattern” of lettering desired and place on outside of window as previous- ly explained, g:o over pattern v.M>h “Pounce Bag.”

Size in the letters with our “celebrated quick size” allow- ing same to dry about f^ of an hour, or until ])roper “Tack” is felt.

Place back of finger to size and if it appears dry and hard, it will be ready for gilding. If gilded when too wet, you will drown the gold ; hence, a poor gild, and gold cannot be prop- erly burnished unless size is the proper “tack.”

After becoming accustomed to gilding and feeling the size, vou will encounter no difficulty. (See quick and slow size.)

Use the same “Size” for Gold and Aluminum Bronze.


The gilders’ tip is made of camel’s hair, in different lengths, from 1 inch to 3 inches, and must be thoroughly wiped through the hair (or side of face) before lifting the gold leaf from the book to surface to be gilded.

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