Scmietimes called “Sky Signs,” are made of No. 9 gal- \ anized wire, woxen in dia- mond shape (or “Mesh”), any size “mesh” up to 3 inches, and is either set in channel, or round iron frame. “Channel iron frame” being more expen- si\e, round iron frame Is cheaper and must be set in an extra gas i)ii)e frame, in order to hold sign securely, and is u: ed on roofs of buildings only, and is called “Sky Sign.”

Flat galvanized iron letters is the f)nly style recommended for “Sky Signs. The letters may be cut out of 28-gauge gal- \ anized iron, painted black and fastened to *’\\’ire Mesh” with ct)i)per wire or copper rixets. wire being most ]iractical, black letters being the only co’or that will contrast with a li’^-ht blue sky. m’d<es a \e-y (lur;il)]>- aii’! lecfible siuii.

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